SEG RT6550 Gym and Rower In One.

SEG RT6550 Gym and Rower In One with Rower, Bicep Curl, Back, Abdominal Muscles and Leg Stretch, Folds Away.

The SEG RT6550 Gym and Rower is a fully featured rowing machine that's been combined with a home gym and still takes up no more space in your home than a conventional rowing machine and the long beam of the rowing machine folds upwards when not in use for easy storage and with the rower folded you have much more floor space and then when your ready to exercise again unlock the rower and fold down the beam.
SEG RT6550 Gym and Rower In One, Rower, Bicep Curl, Back, Abdominal Muscles, Leg Stretch.

Rower, Bicep Curl, Back, Abdominal Muscles, Leg Stretch, Folds Away.

With the rower you can get a full body exercise working on your arms, shoulders, biceps, back, abs and legs, the SEG RT6550 comes with a wall chart that shows you all the exercises and how to perform them so your not left wondering what to do.

For strength and to be lightweight as well as have great looks the rowing machine is made from anodised aluminium with a aluminium slide rail for the long beam which coupled with polyurethane rollers make for a smooth and friction free long beam.

The beam on the rower is very long so tall rowers will appreciate the extra leg room there getting with the SEG RT6550 whilst shorter rowers will not notice any difference with a longer beam it does mean that this is an excellent rowing machine and mini homegym to use for the whole family as different sized users can all easily fit on the rower.

A two year warranty is included with the rower and you can also buy an extra warranty to take it up to three years whichever one you choose your have a good warranty where your get a free repair or replacement rowing machine should a problem arise.
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