SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer.

SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer for Full Commercial Use or Heavy Duty Home Exercise.

If your buying exercise equipment for your office then buy the SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer its very hard working and rated as for full commercial use so it won't wear out quickly, will last for years and if you do have any problems your be able to use the warranty as the machine is designed to be used in a commercial setting and not just for home use.
SEG EE7502 Elliptical Trainer, Full Commercial Use.

Full Commercial Use, Heavy Duty Home Exercise.

There's a two year warranty on the SEG EE7502 and any problems and your get a free repair or free replacement elliptical trainer and that's whether your a business or a private individual buying for home use and delivery is free too so you can get the elliptical trainer delivered to your office or to your home.

The SEG elliptical trainer features a large 19 inch stride length so anyone tall or short can use this elliptical trainer up to and including anyone with a nineteen inch stride length so with the one piece of exercise equipment you have a machine that everyone regardless of size can use.

All movable joints are fitted with double ball bearings where as most manufactures would only install one ball bearing race SEG install two so the movement is more fluid and your get less vibration and less wear.

For strength the frame of the elliptical trainer is steel and for good looks the body panels are aluminium which has been treated to be gloss black in colour and very smart it looks too, just behind the handlebars your find a large computer display which shows all your exercise details and allows you to select the exercise programs you want to use, you can adjust the angle of the LCD screen so it can be clearly seen whilst your exercising, your find that all other manufactures use a fixed mount and everyone has trouble seeing the display when your exercising so thanks to SDEG for the adjustable mount.
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