SEG 1698 Exercise Bike.

SEG 1698 Exercise Bike, Top Of The Range For Home Use.

For a top of the range exercise bike look no further than the SEG 1698 it's built for home use and semi-commercial use what that means is that the SEG is in use multiple times each day in office gyms and similar locations as well as homes so you know its hardwearing and going to last for many years and the SEG comes with a two year warranty which can be expanded to three years so if you have any problems your get a free repair or free replacement and delivery is free too.
SEG 1698 Exercise Bike, Top Of The Range.

Top Of The Range, Home Use.

The quality of the SEG exercise bike is evident everywhere from the self balancing pedals that always stop in exactly the right position (top and bottom) to make starting to cycle easier to the quality colour LCD display.

You can use the quick buttons to start cycling straight away without having to worry about settings or menus or you can use the fifteen exercise programmes to give you a range of what are in effect different cycling routes for you to try, routes optimised for loosing weight or increasing cardio or toning and shaping your legs or fun cycling or fast cycling and much more.

The brakes on the SEG are electronic so stopping is instant and as is change in resistance levels that's because the SEG uses Eddy Current Braking ECB the same type of braking that's used on high speed trains.

With adjustable end levelling caps on the feet you can easily make the SEG exercise bike sit flat on any surface no matter how crooked, so if you have your exercise bike on a wooden floor that's not level or stone tiles that are not level you can adjust the feet so the bike does not wobble or shake as you cycle.

The colour LCD has a backlight so you can see the display ion all lighting levels and even when your not directly face on to the display, the display shows you a range of readings including one labelled recovery where the exercise bike is able to monitor your pulse through sensors in the handlebars and give you a measurement of how quick it takes you to recover from vigorous exercise as this recovery rate is a good measure of your fitness level.

The display also shows you your pulse rate as measured through the handlebar pulse sensors and your heart rate (calculated from your pulse) along with your calorie consumption so you can see how many calories your burning due to your cycling.
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