SEG 1696 Exercise Bike.

SEG 1696 Exercise Bike with Modern Design and High Quality.

For a modern exercise bike that looks very hi-tech and is made to the highest quality consider the SEG 1696 Exercise Bike which has a beautiful aluminium housing over a strong steel frame and one of the most intuitive and easy to use display screens available that makes superb use of a graphical display and easy to read icons.
SEG 1696 Exercise Bike, Modern Design.

Modern Design, High Quality.

The SEG 1696 Exercise Bike is suitable for all levels of user as it has thirty seven different resistance levels that's thirty seven different settings for how hard it will be to turn the pedals so if your just starting out on an exercise bike and looking to lose some weight or follow regular exercise and want to maintain your high fitness levels the SEG exercise bike is right for you.

There's fifteen different exercise programmes to choose from, these can be selected from the digital display screen and cover all the different types of exercise goal you might have from losing weight, fun cycling, increasing cardio work, fast cycle, gentle cycling and many more just pick the exercise programme that best suits your goals and your be watching an exercise programme on the display screen which shows you a changing landscape of moving hills which indicate the effort level at any one point cycle as you follow along on screen and your be able to see which parts of the exercise are easy and which parts are hard and your see the rest breaks and when the hard bits are coming.

The SEG is rated as semi-commercial that means it can be used multiple times each day in your home or in a office gym or similar environment and you get free delivery and a two year warranty on the SEG which you can also extend by an extra year giving you a total of three years warranty.
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