SEG 1638 Elliptical Trainer.

SEG 1638 Elliptical Trainer, Gym Quality with Adjustable Stride Length.

If you have been to the gym and used an elliptical trainer you might have thought that it would be nice to have the very same elliptical trainer you used at the gym at home but if you look at most of the elliptical trainers available they are plastic and not very strong when what we need is an elliptical trainer just like the ones we find at the gym and that's the SEG 1638 Elliptical Trainer which is designed to be used in gyms as well as in the home so its tough and hardwearing and now available at a discounted price with free delivery.
SEG 1638 Elliptical Trainer, Gym Quality.

Gym Quality, Adjustable Stride Length.

Whilst the SEG 1638 features 15 built in exercise programmes you can also use the quick start manual control which is just perfect for the home because some members of the family will want to use the exercise programmes to follow a set route program to achieve a range of exercise goals like losing weight of strengthening and toning other members of the family will want a quick start option where you just have to press one button and your exercising so the SEG offers both for both types of people.

Resistance (that's how hared it is to pedal) is controlled by an increase or decrease button on the control console which is in front of you as you stand on the pedals, everything is electronically driven like the resistance levels there's no manual adjustments of pressing levers and turning dials everything is designed to be simple to use and easy.

What makes the SEG 1638 trainer different from other elliptical trainers is that the SEG features an adjustable stride length, that's the distance between your legs as you take a step forward, everyone has a different stride length as its dependant on your height and if your taller than average or smaller than average your have problems using a fixed stride elliptical trainer but with the SEG you can adjust the stride length of the paddles to cater for any size user.
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