SEG 1626 Elliptical Trainer.

SEG 1626 Elliptical Trainer in Beautiful Aluminium Housing for Commercial Or Home Use.

For an elliptical trainer that looks every bit as good as it performs buy the SEG 1626 Elliptical Trainer this beautiful elliptical trainer will look great in any home with its shiny tan aluminium housing that's not bright silver but has a tan hue to it which makes it look even more special and certainly different to the run of the mill elliptical trainers out there.
SEG 1626 Elliptical Trainer, Beautiful Aluminium Housing.

Beautiful Aluminium Housing, Commercial Or Home Use.

The elliptical trainer has been very well designed included is a water bottle with a water bottle holder that's mounted within easy reach of your hand when your exercising as its mounted on the support pillar.

The foot pedals are very large and there's an adjustable pedal divider which lets you decide how long the foot pedal should be so no longer will you have to stand with your feet cramped up as you try to stand in a space that's too small for your feet with the adjustable divider you can make the pedals as big or as small as you like so its ideal for both those with big feet and those with small feet you don't normally find an elliptical trainer that caters to both extremes big feet and small feet normally its just one size so its the ideal elliptical trainer for the family where different sized feet will be using the elliptical trainer all the time.

The SEG elliptical trainer is rated as semi-commercial that means it can be used numerous times a day without any shortening of the elliptical trainers life so it's ideal for office gyms or home gyms where its going to get used by several people each day.

There's four manual setting modes on the elliptical trainer so if you don't like using any of the six built in exercise programmes for fitness test, fat burn, ramp, valley and rolling you can make your own exercise programme to suit yourself or just use the elliptical trainer manually selected your own resistance levels from the buttons on the control panel.
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