Powertech Rapide Magnetic Bike.

Powertech Rapide Magnetic Bike the Simple Exercise Bike with Resistance Control and Adjustable Saddle.

If your buying your first exercise bike or your own a limited budget there's no need to spend a fortune the Powertech Rapide does everything you need and even has a few extras.
Powertech Rapide Magnetic Bike, Simple Exercise Bike.

Simple Exercise Bike, Resistance Control, Adjustable Saddle.

The bikes saddle is large and comfortable with ample foam inside to make the saddle one your actually want to sit on as its very comfortable, the saddle is height adjustable and adjusts up and down easily and without the need for any tools.

The resistance knob is mounted on the central column and within easy reach when your sat on the saddle, use the resistance knob to adjust how hard it is to peddle and with multi-grip handlebars where you can hold the handlebars horizontally like a conventional bike or vertically like a racing bike you can choose a hand position that's the most comfortable for you.

The Powertech Rapide is smart in appearance with the seat, handlebar padding and body of the exercise bike in matt black whilst the metal parts are all silver in colour and have been treated against rust.

There's an exercise computer and display screen mounted between the handlebars here you can see the time you have been cycling which is handy to set yourself a goal like cycle for thirty minutes, you can also see the speed your cycling because some people like to cycle by maintaining a constant speed, cycling very fast for say ten minutes and then more slowly for five minutes if that sounds like you its easy when you keep one eye on the speed reading.

There's also a distance reading displayed on the screen and this shows you the distance you would have cycled if of course the exercise bike was not a static bike for use in the home.

The exercise bike is manufactured from tubular steel and is strong capable of supporting a rider with a maximum body weight of 120kg or 19 stone.
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