PowerTech Trail Blazer Electric Bike.

PowerTech Trail Blazer Electric Bike With Suspension, Gears, Brakes and 4 Hour Charge Li-Ion Battery.

If you want an electric bike that can handle those rough country lanes and powering up hills then take a look at the PowerTech Trail Blazer Electric Bike which has hydraulic front fork suspension for a more comfortable riude even over bumpy ground and front and rear calliper brakes for sharp stopping with 26 inch twin walled tyres that are more resistant to punctures due to the double wall with the tyres on a aluminium alloy wheel for both strength and lightweight.
PowerTech Trail Blazer Electric Bike, With Suspension, Gears, Brakes.

With Suspension, Gears, Brakes, 4 Hour Charge Li-Ion Battery.

The 24 volt lithium-ion battery takes just 4 hours to charge from flat and the built in circuitry ensures the battery has a long life,. the electric bike is powerful too and able to climb hills you can choose to peddle along with the electric motor or just let the electric motor do all the work.

World famous Shimano gears are used on this electric bike and these have 7 speed gears and grip-shift controls with a rear derailleur that's low profile.

Both rear and front mudguards are supplied so you won't get yourself all dirty covered in water splash from the road when you ride your electric bike and with a choice of colours black and silver you can choose the colour you like best, the bike features a bike stand so you don't have to lean the bike against anything its self supporting when not in use.

The frame and wheels are made from an aluminium alloy for both its lightweight properties and its strength your find the same type of aluminium alloys in use on aircraft so you know its strong and lightweight.

Whether your tired of cycling every day or like to cycle to keep fit but just occasionally which the bike could power itself then your be amazed how you ever managed without an electric bike and when it needs a charge just four hours to charge the bike from a completely flat battery.
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