PowerTech T102 Walking Treadmill.

PowerTech T102 Walking Treadmill For Exercise At Home, Walk Don't Run.

To get your daily exercised you don't need to be running you can walk and with a walking treadmill you can walk indoors without getting cold and wet, whilst many other walking treadmills are incredibly basic the PowerTech Walking Treadmill is a modern design with a motor that powers the walking belt round don't settle for a manual model where there is no electric motor and your expected to push the conveyor belt type strip round with your feet they rarely feel like walking.
PowerTech T102 Walking Treadmill, Exercise At Home.

Exercise At Home, Walk Don't Run.

At just under four miles per hour you have plenty of power from the electrical motor that powers the walking belt round of course you don't have to use the walking treadmill at full speed you can simply select the speed you would like to walk at from the control console on the handlebars with a maximum speed of four miles per hour.

The walking deck is shock absorbing so you won't feel any soreness after walking even if you have a rather forceful stride thumping your feet down as you walk your still find that the shock absorbing material of the walking treadmill cushion your legs and feet and make walking more comfortable.

There's an emergency stop button which you can press if you get into any trouble and there's an emergency stop cord that will also stop the walking treadmill when you pull the cord, this cord can be clipped to your clothing if you would rather not hold it as you walk.

On the handlebars is a digital display that shows you the time you have been walking and the speed you have been waling as well as how far you have walked and the calories you have consumed whilst walking, the display cycles round all these options so there's no buttons to press and you can just watch the screen to see the numbers change.
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