PowerTech Proline XTV Treadmill.

PowerTech Proline XTV Treadmill With LCD TV Built In, Watch TV As You Run.

Do you get bored of exercising very quickly then the PowerTech Proline XTV Treadmill is the treadmill for you as you can watch TV whilst your walk or run on the treadmill as the treadmill includes its on LCD TV panel built into the front console of the treadmill and with stereo speakers at the front too there's no need for headphones.
PowerTech Proline XTV Treadmill, LCD TV Built In.

LCD TV Built In, Watch TV As You Run.

The LCD television is built right into the console with the buttons to control the treadmill and the television surrounding the TV screen so everything is too hand and you won't have to stretch to reach anything or stop exercising to make any changes either to the TV or to the treadmill.

As well as a TV the Proline treadmill features powered inclined so you can add some hill running or hill walking to your exercise regime to exercise a different range of muscles than your normally would with flat running, there's 27 exercise programmes built into the treadmill these programmes are like different running routes able to add hills, fast running, slow running and rest periods into your running all to provide a more interesting run and with 27 exercise programmes to choose from you have a lot of choice and won't get bored.

There's also a quick touch exercise programme so if computers and button pressing are not your thing just press one button and the treadmill will start and you can run or walk and increase the speed if you wasn't too.

With a top speed of thirteen miles per hour you can run real fast if you want to and the powerful electric motor can support a max body weight of 24 stone even at 13mph so the whole family can use the treadmill regardless of size and fitness level.
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