PowerTech PRO Elliptical Trainer.

PowerTech PRO Elliptical Trainer With 5 LCD Displays To See All The Stats At Once.

With the PowerTech Pro you can see your pulse rate, time taken, speed, distance travelled and calories burned all at the same time as the computer console has five different digital displays so there's no more waiting for the stat you want to see cycle round all the stats are displayed at the same time.
PowerTech PRO Elliptical Trainer, 5 LCD Displays.

5 LCD Displays, See All The Stats At Once.

To give great momentum the elliptical trainer features a large steel flywheel this is what makes the step action easy and fluid with no jerky movements if you see an elliptical trainer without a flywheel your find its hard to step and even harder to get going as there's no build of momentum.

Built into the digital display console is a radio with headphone socket so you can listen to the radio without needing anything extra, you don't need to buy a MP3 player or any other gadgets as all you need to get fit and be entertained is included and the controls for the radio are easy to work because they have been designed to be part of the elliptical trainer so its easy to adjust the volume and the tuning whilst your elliptical training.

Just below the digital display console is a micro tension adjustment which is a control knob that you turn to make it easier or harder to step on the elliptical trainer, if you turn the control anticlockwise your make it easier to exercise and turning the resistance control clockwise increases the resistance making it harder to move the pedals but your achieve your exercise goals faster as your muscles will tone and firm faster and your get fit faster.

Start with a resistance level that's comfortable for you and over the coming weeks slowly increase the resistance level as you get fitter you can see your pulse rate on the screen to see how your body is reacting to increased exercise and you can see the calories on screen to show you how many calories your burning due to exercise, increase the resistance level and your burn more calories.
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