PowerTech Olympian Treadmill.

PowerTech Olympian Treadmill With Extra Wide Running Deck And Racetrack Style Digital Display.

If you like a large running area on your treadmill then your appreciate the PowerTech Olympian Treadmill which has an extra wide running deck making it easier to run or walk as you can place your feet where you want them to be rather than be forced to stand up very straight in a very narrow area so you have more room and feel like you have more room too as you don't have that feeling of being squashed.
PowerTech Olympian Treadmill, Extra Wide Running Deck.

Extra Wide Running Deck, Racetrack Style Digital Display.

To help keep your motivation going the Olympian treadmill features a racetrack style display where you can see your own position on the racetrack and you can race against the computer or race against your previous time on the racetrack you c an also see the upcoming ground and whether there's an incline or an increase or decrease in speed so you can plan your rest areas more easily (the areas where your running slowly and can catch your breath).

This PowerTech treadmill features a powered incline where the running deck is lifted up at the front making a hill for you to run or walk up, running up hills adds interest and also helps work a wider selection of muscles especially your calves, hips, thighs, buttocks and back so its an excellent idea to add a little incline to your running or walking sessions and tone and shape your legs.

The running deck has a MDF Medium Density Fibreboard under the revolving track and this has impact properties cushioning the impact of your running to reduce the strain placed on your joints whilst your running after all running is a high impact sport but with the Olympian we are trying to keep that impact to a minimum.
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