PowerTech Mira 7000 Treadmill.

PowerTech Mira 7000 Treadmill For Home Or Commercial Use With Shock Absorbing Running Deck.

If your looking for a treadmill that can withstand use by the whole family without breaking then buy yourself the PowerTech Mira 7000 Treadmill as the Mira is a semi-commercial treadmill which means its capable of being used multiple times a day in a commercial setting such as an office gym or small spa and so is ideal for home use where its going to get different family members using it all with different abilities.
PowerTech Mira 7000 Treadmill, Home Or Commercial.

Home Or Commercial, Shock Absorbing Running Deck.

Running is a high impact sport but it doesn't have to be when you use the Mira treadmill your running on a shock absorbing ruining deck which takes the impact for you so your legs and back don't take the impact, protect your feet, knees, legs, thighs, hips and spine from sprain by running on the cushioned running deck of the Mira treadmill.

Directly in front of you as your running on the treadmill is the console which features the display, the buttons and the water bottle holders with plenty of room for towels, mobile phones, MP3 players, books and magazines, on the console your also find quick touch buttons these buttons save you time as you don't have to navigate a complex menu on the digital display and can instead press the quick touch button to use that feature, the powered incline is available on a quick touch button and you can press the powered incline to raise or lower the incline or hill on the treadmill.

Add some hill walking or hill running to your exercise routine and your build calf muscles as well as tone your buttocks and thighs.

Built into the exercise computer are seven different exercise programs or running routes if you prefer these add variety to the treadmill introducing automatic change of speed, hills and effort levels to simulate running outside.
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