PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill.

PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill With Music Speakers And Cooling Fan.

Are you fed up wearing headphones when your jogging on your treadmill with them always falling off or getting sweaty then the PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill is for you as it has built in stereo speakers on either side of the front console, these speakers can connect to your MP3 player, mobile phone or other electronic gadget through a 3.5mm jack plug.
PowerTech Luna 5000 Treadmill, Music Speakers.

Music Speakers, Cooling Fan.

As well as stereo speakers the Lune Treadmill also has a cooling fan which blows cooling air at you whilst your running, you can change the speed of the fan and turn the fan off all together if you don't want to use it, the main console of the treadmill is supported by one pole so you have more room for your feet as the whole front of the treadmill is open rather than being enclosed by supports.

With a top speed of 10 mph the treadmill is fast and can push you as hard as you want to go, of course the speed is fully adjustable from the central console and directly from the handlebars so you can go as slow or as fast as you like.

Seven exercise programmes are built into the Luna treadmill and you can select one of these exercise programmes or use the manual control setting to adjust the speed of the treadmill yourself, the exercise programmes are designed with specific goals in mind like losing weight, training, increasing heart rate, toning and shaping your body and even walking.

A shock resistant running deck is included which prevents injury to your feet, legs and spine as the impact of your running is cushioned by the running deck to help prevent impact injury.

In each handlebar your find a pulse sensor which measures the pulse in your hands and converts this to a heart rate reading in Beats Per Minute for displaying on the large digital display screen that's located directly in front of you.
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