PowerTech Foldaway Electric Commuter Bike.

PowerTech Foldaway Electric Commuter Bike, Folding with Rear Rack For Pannier Bags.

If your tired of pedalling then get an electric bike they can be charged up from a normal household electrical socket from just a few pence and reach full charge in just four hours and have a top speed of 16 miles per hour.
PowerTech Foldaway Electric Commuter Bike, Folding.

Folding, Rear Rack For Pannier Bags.

To control the speed of the electric bike there's a throttle on the handlebar just like oin a motorbike and the bike has pedals too so if you don't want to use the electric motor you can just pedal and only use the electric motor when you don't want to peddle anymore or of course you can use the electric motor all the time.

The PowerTech electric bike folds too so it's easy to put the bike in the boot of your car or take the bike on a bus or train.

The electric bike has a lightweight aluminium frame and looks exactly like an adult bike in fact you wouldn't even know it was an electric bike until if you didn't look carefully.

Calliper brakes are used for quick and safe stopping and Shimano six speed gears are used as the gearing and everyone in the bike world will tell you that Shimano make the best gears.

There's a rear rack for adding pannier bags or just for strapping on a bag or some luggage and the bike has 20 inch thin wall tyres on an aluminium alloy wheel so it's an incredibly strong bike whilst still being lightweight.

If you're tired of walking to work after you get off the bus or train then don't buy the PowerTech Foldaway Electric Commuter Bike and ride to work in style, peddle if you wasn't the exercise and let the electric motor take you there when you don't want to exercise.

Two colours are available black and silver and the seat height is fully adjustable as is the handlebar height and angle.
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