PowerTech City Cruiser Delux Electric Bike.

PowerTech City Cruiser Delux Electric Bike the Pedal Bike With Electric Motor and 4 Hour Charge Time.

Tired of pedalling then buy an electric bike the City Cruiser is quick to charge taking only four hours from a flat battery to fully charged and with a maximum range of 19 miles you certainly can travel far and if your battery did go flat you could simply pedal its as easy as that.
PowerTech City Cruiser Delux Electric Bike, Pedal Bike With Electric Motor.

Pedal Bike With Electric Motor, 4 Hour Charge Time.

The 24 volt battery system is far more powerful than previous generations and users with a body weight of up to and including 18 stone can use this ele3ctric bike, both front and rear brakes are fitted to the PowerTech bike so you can stop easily and you won't skid with brakes on both wheels your find other electric bike that only have a brake on the back wheel and can't stop as well as the City Cruiser.

At the back there's a pannier rack to hold your bags or luggage and a rear mudguard too so you won't get sprayed with rain water when you cycle your electric bike.

You can use the electric motor to power the bike 100% or you can pedal as well if for example your going uphill and want to give the motor a hand or just to go faster.

To make the electric bike as lightweight as possible the bike is made from an aluminium alloy which is incredibly strong yet lightweight the same sort of alloys are used on aircraft wings so their certainly hardwearing.

There's 25 inch wheels fitted to the electric bike and twin wall tyres are used to provide a hardwearing tyre that won't easily be punctured and to make the bike lightweight aluminium alloy wheels are used.

Seven speed Shimano gears are used and if you know anything about racing bikes your know that Shimano gears are the best and this one features a seven speed gear and grip-shift with low profile derailleur.
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