PowerTech 2000W Silver Vibration Machine.

PowerTech 2000W Silver Vibration Machine, Full Size, Stand On.

This is a full body vibration machine that you can stand on you can even use the dual handlebars to climb on it as its strong and sturdy and designed for full body vibration exercise and massage.
PowerTech 2000W Silver Vibration Machine, Full Size.

Full Size, Stand On.

Many vibration machines are small little disk things that barely take the weight of a person and provide no hand holds how your supposed to get a vibration massage on those no one knows the PowerTech 2000W Vibration Machine is large and easy to stand on and has been designed for doing exercise and stretches on.

As well as a vibration machine you can also use this as a massage machine where it offers full body massages from light fingertip type massages to sports massages and deep tissue massages the force of the massage is controlled by the strength of the vibrations and that's adjustable from the central console where you can choose automatic massage programs that will run for a set time using a set range of vibration strength and speeds or you can use the manual control options to make your own massage programme tailor made to how you like your massage.

Whether you choose a massage or a vibration exercise your feel the vibrations rise up through your feet into your calves, hips and thighs, through your bottom and into your chest, back and down your shoulders, neck and arms vibration massage is very relaxing and with your own vibration machine you can have a massage as gentle or as hard as you like anytime you wish.

Use the control console to select exercise programmes or manual control and use the bodyfat measurement system to measure your body fat and display it on the LED screen so after repeated use of your vibration exercise machine your start to see your body fat reduce and your be able to read this for yourself as a BMI Body Mass Index number on the LED screen.
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