PowerTech 1500W Black Vibration Machine.

PowerTech 1500W Black Vibration Machine with Large Platform to Stand Or Sit.

Whether you want a vibration exercise machine or a full body massage machine your get both with the PowerTech 1500W Black Vibration Machine as the machine contains built in exercise programmes for both exercise and massage with the exercise machine your find that the vibration machine is 30% more effective than exercise without the machine and with the full body massage machine your find that you can get a full body massage at the intensity you like from a light tingling massage to a deep tissue massage where you can feel your muscles moving as the vibrations massage you.
PowerTech 1500W Black Vibration Machine, Large Platform.

Large Platform, Stand Or Sit.

Built into the vibration machine is a body fat sensor which calculates your body fat using resistance and then displays your body fat level on the LED display as a BMI Body Mass Index reading.

With twin handlebars you can not only hold onto the handlebars with your hands but put your legs or feet on the upper and lower handlebars whilst you exercise and stretch to cause the vibrations to flow through your muscles where any exercise you do will be magnified by 30% when your using the vibration machine.

With separate controls for both speed of the vibrations and intensity of the vibrations you can use the manual control to select the vibration exercise or vibration massage you want and with the built in exercise and massage programmes you can simply select an exercise programme and have the vibration machine automatically adjust the speed and intensity to give you different forms of exercise or massage.

If you suffer from joint pain your find you can get relief with the vibrations which you can select yourself for just the right level of vibration speed and intensity to provide relief.
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