Orchid Penia Massage Table.

Orchid Penia Massage Table for Home Use or Student.

If your a massage student or just like to give and receive massage at home your need your own massage table as its much better to use a massage table that your bed and for massage students your need your own massage table not only for class but also for giving massage when your a massage therapist.
Orchid Penia Massage Table, Home Use.

Home Use, Student.

The Orchid Penia Massage Table is a cream coloured massage table which folds in half for easy storage and carrying when not in use, its easy to carry the massage table like a case and you can hold the large carry handle or put the folded massage table into the included nylon carry bag to stop the table getting dirty as your carrying it about the nylon carry bag has a shoulder strap as well as handles making it easy to carry.

The table has a strong beach wood frame which is capable of supporting a client weighing up to 38 stone that's 0.24 tonnes nearly one quarter of a tonne in weight so your never have to worry about the weight of your client again.

The table features an adjustable headrest which is padded with cream faux leather as is the rest of the massage table under which is layers of memory foam for comfort and support the headrest doubles as a face cradles as there's a hole in the cradle for your face enabling you to use it as a headrest when lying on your back and using it as a face cradle when lying on your front.

There's also an arm and hand rest to hold the clients hands and arms out of the way when your massaging and keep your client comfortable there's also a removable face bung which you can use for massage clients who don't like a separate face cradle.

When the table is unlocked and folded into half all the accessories fit inside the folded table so you're never leave any accessories behind as you travel between college or clients homes with your massage table.
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