Orchid Geras Cream Massage Table.

Orchid Geras Cream Massage Table with Adjustable Backrest and Round Pillow.

The Orchid Geras Cream Massage Table is made to the very highest quality and is a luxury massage table, beauty therapist table and chiropractic and osteopathic table that can be used for a wide range of treatments the addition of a backrest and a round pillow means that the client need not be lying down all the time and can be sat upright or at an angle.
Orchid Geras Cream Massage Table, Adjustable Backrest.

Adjustable Backrest, Round Pillow.

This massage table is a folding table folding in on itself to create a case with the entire massage table inside, all the accessories supplied with the table which includes a round comfort pillow, hand and arm rest, removable side arm rests, removable face cradle and face bung all fit inside the folded table when not in use so if your are a mobile therapist there's no danger of leaving any accessories behind as everything fits away neatly into the carry case.

The frame of the table is made from Beachwood which is lightweight yet very strong with reinforcing wires for more strength takes the weight that this table will support to 240kg (38 stone or 529 pounds) which is a remarkable ability to support such a high weight so you never need worry again that your table is strong enough to support your clients.

The entire table has a luxurious feel and is covered in a cream coloured faux leather underneath which is several inches of high density memory foam which provides a comfortable yet supportive table all the accessories are also covered with faux cream leather and memory foam they include the face cradle, face bung and the back rest.

The face cradle can be tilted at any angle up to a maximum of forty five degrees and can be used as a head rest when the client is facing lying non their backs the addition of an angled backrest which can be angled at any height allows for greater use of the table than for just massage as with the adjustable backrest you could offer beauty treatments or chiropractic treatments.
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