Orchid Eos Cream Massage Table.

Orchid Eos Cream Massage Table the Beginners Massage Table with Accessories Included.

If your a beginner to massage either studying massage as a student or just wanting a massage table for home use then consider the Orchid Eos Cream Massage Table which is a fantastic table with a very high specification and yet a bargain price the table features cream coloured faux leather (artificial leather) and beach wood frame plus inches of high density memory foam under the faux leather.
Orchid Eos Cream Massage Table, Beginners Massage Table.

Beginners Massage Table, Accessories Included.

The table is capable of supporting a huge weight up to 240kg (38 stone) so you're always be able to use your massage table regardless of your client weight and it takes all the embarrassment away of having to ask how much a larger person weights so you can see if your massage table is strong enough.

The massage table folds in half when unlocked as is ideal for beginners who want a massage table that does not take up much room but that is a full size massage table when in use, the table comes with its own nylon carry case which has a front pocket as well as a shoulder strap and handles.

Also included with the massage table is a range of accessories including an adjustable face cradle which has an adjustable angle so you can angle the face cradle easily additionally the face cradle doubles as a backrest when your lying down on your back.

There's also two side rests which can be removed if you don't want to use them as they simply push in and pull out.

There's also a hand and arm cradle to keep your arms out of the way when your lying on your front and this is located just below the face cradle.

All the accessories when not fixed onto the table can be stored under the table on special clips designed top hold the accessories ands when you fold the table those accessories will be inside the table or when folded more accurately inside the case so there nice and safe and won't get lost as you move the massage table from place to place.
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