Orchid Apate White Massage Table.

Orchid Apate White Massage Table, Beautiful Luxury.

The Orchid Apate White Massage Table is a full sized massage table with a faux white leather (artificial leather) covering under which are layers of memory foam for comfort and support the massage table folds into a lightweight carry case and includes a range of accessories including adjustable angle face cradle, removable side rests, removable face bung and a hand and arm rest.
Orchid Apate White Massage Table, Beautiful.

Beautiful, Luxury.

The height of the massage table is fully adjustable and a feature that everyone should take not of having the height of the table at the correct height will prevent your arms and hands from getting sore or aching always adjust the table so you are higher than your client with your hands downwards onto your massage client and not upwards which is where soreness and aches will start.

Use this folding massage table as a stationary massage table the level of good looks and luxury means no one will ever know the table folds unless you tell them or use it as a folding massage table where you can take the massage table to your clients homes offering massage or take your own massage table between several spas and health centres where your working or just to have your very own massage table at home or even to take with you to your health centre or beauty clinic if you would prefer to use your own massage table where you know for sure its 100% hygienic.

For use at home the massage table folds into its own case and can b e stored on a shelf or under the bed or leaned up against a wall out of the way and in a massage centre you can have several folding massage tables ready for use when you have an influx of clients these tables are real bargains and have been reduced to a 50% saving.
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