IronMan HG017 4 Station Gym.

IronMan HG017 4 Station Gym for Professional Weight Training At Home.

With two weight stacks of 200lbs you can use the weight stack as separate stacks or combine them as one weight stack of 400lbs that's 91kg of weight available for you to train with and its included in the price of the IronMan HG017 4 Station Gym which also comes with free delivery so you don't have to pay for all those weights to be delivered to you and the price has been reduced by over one third plus you get a free 12 month warranty included.
IronMan HG017 4 Station Gym, Professional Weight Training.

Professional Weight Training, At Home.

With this home gym you can work all the bodies major muscle groups using the 4 exercise stations that are built in including a squat station, triceps pull down bar, rowing station, vertical knee raise machine, pec deck, straight arm pullover bar, dip station, leg extension and leg curls, bench press and lateral pull down bar.

Whilst the home gym has two 200lbs (400lobs total) weights you can of course lift or press any amount of weight you like in increments which are controlled by a easy to use pin locking system your be familiar with as its on most pieces of gym equipment.

The frame of the home gym is high grade box steel with a maximum user weight of 21 stone (130kg, 287lbs) so everyone regardless of how fit or unfit they are can use this 4 station homegym to get fit, stay fit, lose weight and build muscle.

The homegym is matt black in colour and finished with a tough no chip paint that won't chip or scratch easily and the seats and backrest are finished in a matt black PVC coating which as well as looking very nice is easy to wipe clean and the safety foam on the roll bars are also black in colour to match with the rest of the homegym and overall the homegym looks very stylish and with such a large number of weight training exercises it really is like having a whole gym full of equipment at home yet all combined into the one homegym to save space.
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