IronMan HG017 4 Station Gym.

IronMan HG011 3 Station Gym with Dip Stand and Leg Press, Extension, Curl, Butterfly Bars, Lateral Pulldown and Arm Curl.

If your looking for a home gym with all the exercise machines built in then buy the IronMan HG011 3 Station Gym with Dip Stand as its got everything your need from leg press to leg extensions, leg curls, lateral pulldowns, butterfly bars, arm curls and a dip stand.
IronMan HG011 3 Station Gym with Dip Stand, Leg Press, Extension, Curl.

Leg Press, Extension, Curl, Butterfly Bars, Lateral Pulldown, Arm Curl.

When your sitting on the seat you can use the butterfly press, arm curl bar attachment (which can be removed when not in use as it simply pulls out and pushes in), included is a leg press which will help you to tone and shape your thigh and calf muscles and the dip machine targets all upper body muscle groups as its height adjustable so you can do pushups as well as pushups.

Included is 200lbs (91kg) of weights on the weight stack and delivery of the 3 station gym and weights is free of charge so you won't have to pay for the courier to send all those weights, whilst you can lift or press up to 200lbs of weight the weights are of course selectable in increments using a pin selector so you can lift or press just the amount of weight you want to and remember to start with as lower weight and add more weight over a period of time as your training improves.

On the butterfly bar you can work on your biceps, pectoral muscles and triceps using the adjustable butterfly press to select between different exercises.

Use the lateral pulldown bar to work on your shoulders, arms, back and chest muscle groups and develop some broad shoulders and great chest.

For biceps and triceps use the included arm extension pads which are removable from the homegym when not in use as they simply pull out and push in.

There's an arm curl bar which is a combination arm curl bar and rowing machine and for the legs target leg muscles with the leg press and arm muscles, shoulders and chest can be targeted with the dip stand which has its own section and is height adjustable.
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