IronMan HG009 2 Station Gym.

IronMan HG009 2 Station Gym with 200lbs Weight Stack Included the Couples Home Gym.

With two stations the IronMan HG009 2 Station Gym is ideal for couples who want to exercise and weight train together and with 200lbs (91kg) of weight on the weight stack you have everything you need to start your exercise and weight training regime, included in the price is delivery and the weights so there is nothing more to pay plus you get a 12 month warranty included so any problems and your get a free repair or free replacement.
IronMan HG009 2 Station Gym, 200lbs Weight Stack Included.

200lbs Weight Stack Included, Couples Home Gym.

There's a pull pin locking system on the weight stack so you can lift or press any amount of weight you like but start small and increase the weights over time so you don't injure yourself.

You get a butterfly press which is adjustable to work your pecs, triceps and biceps along with a lateral pulldown bar for working the shoulders, arms, back and chest muscles and removable arm extension pads for working the biceps and tricep muscle groups with free weights.

There's a combined rowing station and arm curl bar that you can use sitting down or standing up which will work most of the upper body muscle groups and for your oblique's and abdomen there's the abdominal crunch harness to strengthen and tone.

There's also a full size leg press which has plenty of room for your feet so you can be in the most comfortable position for these lower body exercises.

The 2 station homegym is made from high grade box steel section which is painted with a chip resistant paint matt black in colour in fact everything including the seat, backrest, foam padding and weights are mat black in coplour which creates for a very stylish looking homegym.
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