IM Fitness XI Racing Exercise Bike.

IM Fitness XI Racing Exercise Bike for Indoor Racing with Large Flywheel.

IronMan have developed the XI Racing Bike for indoor use to provide the exact same feeling of riding a racing bike outside but inside the indoor racing bike uses a heavy flywheel as the front when this spins round creating momentum and providing a very similar feeling to riding a racing bike outdoors.
IM Fitness XI Racing Exercise Bike, Indoor Racing.

Indoor Racing, Large Flywheel.

If you like to cycle very fast then the XI Racing Bike is for you, the handlebars adjust up and down as well as angle and the seat adjusts for height as well as forwards and backwards so no matter how large you are or your current level of fitness your able to adjust the racing bike to accommodate your size and start to race to get fit, build muscle, lose weight or just for the fun of it.

Just like the professional indoor racing bikes the IM Fitness XI uses pad braking and has an emergency stop lever that you can pull that will immediately bring the racing bike to a complete halt great if you are tired and have just had enough or if the phone rings.

The pedals have a toe clip and a safety strap, use the toe clip to hold your toes onb the pedals so your pushing the pedals round with the ball of your foot and not your toes as its easy to sprain your toes when going fast on an indoor racer.

The digital display of the racing bikes computer is mounted just above the handlebars and as well as measuring speed, distance and time also measures the calories you have used while cycling and provides an excellent way to gauge how hard you have been cycling, simply cycle until you have burned the calories you have set yourself to burn.
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