IM Fitness Stamina XTI Treadmill.

IM Fitness Stamina XTI Treadmill with Lot's Of Exercise Programs, Varied and Won't Get Bored.

Many people worry that they might get bored of exercising at home quickly so to counter that IronMan have made the XTI Treadmill with twelve exercise programs to keep you interested and motivated, exercise programs designed for a range of different goals like casual keep fit to losing weight to marathon running to shaping and toning your body and with built in pulse sensors in the handlebars you can even watch your pulse rate going up and down as you run on the treadmill.
IM Fitness Stamina XTI Treadmill, Lot's Of Exercise Programs.

Lot's Of Exercise Programs, Varied and Won't Get Bored.

This is a folding treadmill so it's easy to store when not in use as you simply unlock the treadmill and pull the running deck upwards until it locks in a vertical position, kits easy to pull the treadmill deck upwards and not heavy at all as the treadmill deck has hydraulics which do the lifting for you.

Once folded the treadmill is on wheels, these wheels only touch the floor when the treadmill is folded so don't worry about whizzing off down the room as soon as you step on the treadmill, with the wheels the folded treadmill is easy to move around and can be pushed into the corner of a room or out into the hall when not in use.

The treadmill display is much larger than other models making it very easy to read and the display has a backlight too so it can be read in all light levels, the control buttons on the treadmill are big too so its easy to press the buttons when your jogging and wobbling about.

There's two water bottle holders on either side of the handlebars and you can use these for keeping your water bottles or they are big enough for storing MP3 players, mobile phones or books and magazines as well as towels so everything you need is close at hand.
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