IM Fitness Marathon Pro Treadmill.

IM Fitness Marathon Pro Treadmill, Mid Price with Running Deck Suspension to Prevent Injury.

If you get sore legs or back when your running on your home treadmill then you need a new treadmill like the IM Fitness Marathon Pro Treadmill which has a cushioned running deck with six separate suspension points to absorb the impact as you run so that impact is not passed up your feet and into your legs and spine, with a cushioned running deck you won't get sore or aching feet, legs, back and hips and your be able to exercise for longer.
IM Fitness Marathon Pro Treadmill, Mid Price.

Mid Price, Running Deck Suspension, Prevent Injury.

The Marathon Pro treadmill is a medium price treadmill and has a mid range feature set meaning its ideal for everyone other than the exercise professional although if your training for a marathon and want a treadmill that's up to the job then the fifteen exercise programs built into the exercise computer will be of great use as each exercise programme has ten different intensity settings so you can adjust your run to be as easy or as demanding as you like and with a power incline which you can adjust easily from the handlebars (no need to fiddle with locking mechanism on this electronic treadmill) you can set an incline or hill to run up against.

Your work a different set of muscles running or walking at an inline and will shape and tone your calves, thighs, buttocks and hips of course if you don't want to run up a hill you can keep the treadmill flat as the controls are easily within reach on the handlebars.

The Iron Man (IM) treadmill is a folding treadmill so when not in use you can lift the running deck upwards and the hydraulic system will make it very easy to lift up, then lock the treadmill in place with the lever and your be able to store the treadmill more easily in your home as when folded the treadmill takes up half the space it does when its folded.
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