IM Fitness GT Motorised Treadmill.

IM Fitness GT Motorised Treadmill is Ideal For Beginners and Suitable For Hill Running.

There's no need to spend a lot of money on a treadmill when the GT Treadmill is all you need it's ideal for beginners as it has all the features your need without the advanced features that only the best athletes would need.
IM Fitness GT Motorised Treadmill, Ideal For Beginners.

Ideal For Beginners, Suitable For Hill Running.

You can use this treadmill for running uphill as the treadmill features a three position incline adjustment simply select how large a hill you would like to run up and the treadmill running deck will be angled upwards simulating running uphill which is very good for toning and shaping the backs of your legs and increasing the strength in your back not to mention providing variety from the everyday running or walking on the flat.

You control the speed of the treadmill from increase and decrease buttons on the console which is the button panel and combined digital display unit that's mounted on the handlebars so it's easy to reach the controls without overstretching and that's important because stretching out your arms away from the handlebars is what makes most beginners to treadmill running feel nervous and lose their balance, you can't easily lose your balance when running on a treadmill as its more in the mind than actually physical so your unlikely to fall over.

If your feeling unsteady the large and long handlebars in front of you provide lots of different hand holds as you can hold the drop down ends of the handlebars or the long handlebar bar and if you need an emergency stop the big red button is located right in front of the handlebars where its easy to reach without having to move your hands far.

The emergency stop; has a cord which you can tie to your wrist or secure to your clothes that if you do stumble will get pulled out of the treadmill causing the treadmill to immediately stop, whilst few people do ever fall off a treadmill if your new to treadmill running its certainly a comfort.
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