Cintura Sports Zoom Racing Exercise Bike.

Cintura Sports Zoom Racing Exercise Bike the Indoor Racing Bike, Cycle At Home.

If you like racing bikes and want to keep fit but don't fancy getting cold and wet or hearing comments as you pass by then get your own home racing bike that you can use in the comfort of your own home the Cintura Sports Zoom Racing Exercise Bike is an indoor racing bike designed to give you a very realistic racing bike experience in your own home.
Cintura Sports Zoom Racing Exercise Bike, Indoor Racing Bike.

Indoor Racing Bike, Cycle At Home.

The front wheel of the bike is a weighted flywheel which gives the rider the feel they are cycling on a real racing bike as the resistance levels felt one bike will be exactlky the same and the momentum when you start cycling and can freewheel will also be exactly the same as will more power needed to start than to continue the weighted flywheel mimics all these nuances of a real racing bike so your feel right at home.

Gym racing bikes all use pad brakes for safety and the Zoom racing bike is no exception using pad brakes and featuring an emergency stop brake right on the cross bar of the bike, simply pull up on the emergency brake and your instantly stop, its ideal when your too tired to continue or if you start to feel a bit unsteady.

The pedals have both a safety strap that fits over your feet and a toe clip to hold your feet on the pedals with the toe clip your be able to push down on the pedals with the ball of your foot rather than with your toes which can lead to toe sprains and soreness.

The saddle is a proper racing bike saddle and can be adjusted for both height and reach moving the seat closer or further away from the handlebars, the handlebar height and reach are also adjustable so you can get exactly the right distance between saddle and handlebars to fit a range of body types from over weight to under weight.
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