Cintura Sports Osiris Air Rowing Machine.

Cintura Sports Osiris Air Rowing Machine the Compact Rower that's Folding.

The air rower from Cintura Sports is a professional rowing machine using the same technology that rowing machines your find in a gym use and that's air resistance, these rowers are hardwearing and provide a good range of resistance levels for both the professional rower and enthusiast.
Cintura Sports Osiris Air Rowing Machine, Compact Rower.

Compact Rower, Folding.

Air rowing machines have a large fan inside their housing this fan turns when you pull the cord when you change the resistance lever on the rowing machine you're really adjusting the angle of the fan blades on fan that's rotating inside the rower and as the fan blades are rotated to be less aerodynamic the air resistance or wind resistance if you will increases and so pulling on the rower becomes harder.

Air resistance rowers are very environmentally friendly after all its just air that your using to increase the resistance that your rowing against.

The control knob mounted on the body of the rower below the pull handle adjusts the resistance with eight different resistance levels to choose from always start with a lower level of resistance and increase the resistance level over the coming weeks as your fitness levels increase.

The computer console which is located on an arm at the top of the rowing machine contains a display which shows the time you have been rowing and the number of strokes you are doing (your stroke rate) as well as your total number of strokes and even the calories you have burned whilst rowing.

The Oairis air rower is a folding rower and when not in use you can lift the long beam upwards and lock the beam in an upright position where the rowing machine will take up far less floor space.

The seat is ergonomically designed to fit you and glides smoothly on roller bearings.
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