Cintura Sports EX60 Exercise Bike.

Cintura Sports EX60 Exercise Bike the Quiet Exercise Cycle with Modern Design.

The Cintura EX60 uses a magnetic resistance system to provide the pedal resistance that you cycle against magnetic resistance has few moving parts so the exercise bike has a longer life than other brands of exercise bike and magnetic resistance is also very quiet so if for example your looking to get back into shape after giving birth and want an exercise machine you can use whilst baby is sleeping without waking baby then the Cintura Sport is ideal as its very quiet and the exercise bike is modern and clean.
Cintura Sports EX60 Exercise Bike, Quiet Exercise Cycle.

Quiet Exercise Cycle, Modern Design.

There's eight levels of pedal resistance to choose from the more resistance you use the harder it is to pedal and the more effort your have to make you will of course lose weight faster, get into shape quicker and shape and tone your legs and buttocks faster.

The resistance control knob is mounted on the steering column within easy reach even when your cycling and the pedals have a foot strap to hold your feet on the pedals so you can push down with the ball of your foot rather than pushing down with your toes which can lead to strain.

The Cintura Sports bike is very modern looking in white gloss with cherry red highlights and a black seat and handlebars and will look great in any home.

In the middle of the handlebars there's an exercise computer and display which shows you the time you have been cycling and the speed you have been cycling as well as the distance you have cycled and the calories you have used up whilst cycling, if your on a diet your find it helpful, to know how many calories you have burned through exercise.
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