Cintura Pulse Elliptical Trainer.

Cintura Pulse Elliptical Trainer That Measures Pulse And Calculates Heart Rate.

If you like elliptical trainers and cross trainers your be interested in the Cintura Pulse Elliptical Trainer as the Cintura can measure your pulse and calculate your heart rate without needing any extra sensors, wires or chest straps and it does this by measuring the pulse in the palm of your hand as you hold the handlebars a hidden pulse sensor measures your pulse and uses your pulse rate to calculate your heart rate and display them, on the exercise computers screen.
Cintura Pulse Elliptical Trainer, Measures Pulse.

Measures Pulse, Calculates Heart Rate.

Being able to see your pulse rate and heart rate is important for knowing how hard your exercising and whether your staying safe, if your recovering from injury and in rehabilitation its important to exercise but not to over do things and we all have trouble knowing what over doping it is but with the Cintura you can see your rising heart rate and know if your working too hard or even not hard enough.

The elliptical trainer has two sets of handlebars a non moving fixed set of handlebars which provide a step action like a step machine and a set of moving handlebars that provide an elliptical action and work the upper as well as the lower body giving a full body workout exercising the legs and the arms.

The Cintura Pulse is beautiful to look at its a white gloss elliptical trainer with red coloured highlights and red handles making it very attractive for home use and looking very sporty.

With elliptical trainers everyone finds themselves standing on the very edge of the footplates and getting sore or cramped feet that's because elliptical trainer foot plates are rarely big enough well the Cintura Pulse has big non slip footplates that give you plenty of room and hold your feet firmly.
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