BodyTrain IS350E Programmable Magnetic Bike.

BodyTrain IS350E Programmable Magnetic Bike with Heart Rate Control and Body Fat Measurement.

The BodyTrain IS350E Exercise Bike is a complete fitness centre not only does it offer exercise but the bikes computer measures your performance and shows your your performance on the built in display the exercise bike is also capable of monitoring your heart rate and using your heart rate to control the exercise programme you have selected so you won't be worked harder than your fitness level suggests you should be.
BodyTrain IS350E Programmable Magnetic Bike, Heart Rate Control.

Heart Rate Control, Body Fat Measurement.

This is accomplished by using a pulse rate sensor inside the handlebars which monitors the pulse in the palm of your hand and calculates your heart rate, your heart rate is then displayed on screen and used to directly control the exercise program making the pedals on the exercise bike stiffer, harder top pedal when the exercise bike computer wants you to work harder and easier to pedal when the exercise bike wants you to lower your rate of exercise.

By measuring your heart rate and monitoring how your body is reacting the BodyTrain IS350E Programmable Bike can give you the best exercise possible an exercise that's customised just for you, for your fitness levels and to help you achieve your fitness goals.

There's two types of exercise, exercise where you just get on and pedal and the BodyTrain exercise bike supports that too and smart exercise where the exercise bike analysis your body and adjusts itself for the most efficient exercise for you its like having your own personal trainer monitoring your exercise and telling you exactly what to do when to speed up when to slow down and with hear rate control its also like having your doctor monitor your exercise to ensure you are exercising properly and not harder or easier than you should be.
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