Body Sculpture BR-3010 Gym and Rower.

Body Sculpture BR-3010 Gym and Rower the Rowing Machine Combined with a Multi Gym, Instructional DVD Included.

Why buy just a rowing machine when you can buy a rowing machine that's also a home gym and that's exactly what you get with the Body Sculpture BR-3010 Gym and Rower the rowing machine doubles as a small home gym and is ideal where there's not much space at home and when not in use the whole rowing machine folds upwards out of the way.
Body Sculpture BR-3010 Gym and Rower, Rowing Machine Combined Multi Gym.

Rowing Machine Combined Multi Gym, Instructional DVD Included.

As well as a home gym the BR-3010 is a fully featured rowing machine that even has a pivoting footplates which will prevent your feet from getting sore, many rowing machines have fixed footplates where the footplate does not move so instead your foot is forced into an uncomfortable position on every stroke forward which leads to sore and aching legs and feet but with the moving footplates on this rower you won't ever suffer sore feet again.

The foot plates feature adjustable size straps so whatever size feet you have small or large your have no problems using the Body Sculpture rower.

The rower and home gym combination is supplied with an instructional DVD that will show you how to get the most out of your exercise equipment and you can even watch the DVD whilst your sat on the rowing machine and perfuming the exercises.

The Body Sculpture BR-3010 Gym and Rower comes with free delivery and one years warranty which you can extend to two years warranty.

There's a digital display on the rower that will show you the time you have been rowing or exercising on the home gym for as well as the number of strokes yon have made on the rower and the calories you have used rowing and all these different displays will cycle through one after the other so there's nothing to need adjusting and you can just watch the display as you row or exercise.
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