Body Sculpture BE-7110 Elliptical Strider.

Body Sculpture BE-7110 Elliptical Strider with Front Wheel Drive for a Natural Stride Position.

With a front wheel drive elliptical cross trainer you have a more natural stride position as your feet are naturally closer together not forced apart by a large gap between the two foot plates.
Body Sculpture BE-7110 Elliptical Strider, Front Wheel Drive.

Front Wheel Drive, Natural Stride Position.

If you're looking for a low impact cardio vascular workout then your find the Body Sculpture BE-7110 Elliptical Strider is a great buy and with the large flywheel at the front there's plenty of momentum to give a very natural movement where you glide along rather than feel a mechanical movement that is often jerky and rigid.

The exercise computer has a digital display that records everything about your exercise from two resistance sensors in the handlebars that measure the resistance between your two hands and calculate your body fat which is displayed as a BMI Body Mass Index reading to the pulse sensors also in the handlebars that measure the pulse in the palm of your hands and display this on screen to the speed your cross training at and the distance you have travelled whilst exercising to the time you have taken and your speed in RMP Revolutions Per Minute to the calories you have burned whilst you have been exercising and even the recovery time, how long it takes your pulse to settle after vigorous exercise (which is a good measure of your overall fitness).

There's twenty one exercise programmes built into the Elliptical Strider and you can choose an exercise programme that meets your goals whether that's losing weight, increasing cardio work, having fun, shaping and toning your body, losing weight and many more.

Uniquely to this elliptical trainer you can automatically adjust the incline of the paddles so you can elliptical cross train up hill if you want the size of the hill and whether you want to elliptical train on a hill at all is up to you.
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