Body Sculpture BE-6730GKHO Elliptical Trainer.

Body Sculpture BE-6730GKHO Elliptical Trainer, Bright Orange Colour with Automatic Heart Rate Control.

This bright orange coloured elliptical trainer is packed with hi-tech features like an automatic heart rate control exercise system, as you exercise on the trainer your pulse rate is measured through pulse measuring sensors built inside the hand grips, these sensors measure your pulse and calculate your hearty rate from your pulse rate, the heart rate is then displayed on the exercised computers digital display.
Body Sculpture BE-6730GKHO Elliptical Trainer, Bright Orange Colour.

Bright Orange Colour, Automatic Heart Rate Control.

Now that the machine knows your heart rate it can use your heart rate to determine how fit you are and how hard you should be working the built in exercise programmes will automatically adjust themselves and automatically adjust the stiffness on the foot pedals and the handlebars making it easier or harder to exercise depending on your heart rate that's been measured and your fitness levels which the exercise machine can calculate from your heart rate.

It's all very clever and insures that you don't need to know how hard your exercising or whether your working to hard or to easily the elliptical trainer will do all the calculations and adjustments for you leaving you to concentrate on the elliptical trainer exercise, listening to your music or thinking about other things whilst you exercise.

The elliptical trainer can be set to exercise you at a specific heart rate or below a specific percentage of your heart rate for example to can set the machine up to say exercise me at half my maximum heart rate that you have recorded whilst I have been exerting, its all very clever and just like having a fitness instructor standing over you telling you how to exercise well and how to exercise safely.

Your find large foot plates on the Body Sculpture elliptical trainers so you don't have to worry about squashing your feet into tiny foot paddles or standing on top of the footplates because there is not enough room to stand in them.
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