Body Sculpture BE-6720G Elliptical.

Body Sculpture BE-6720G Elliptical with Dual Handlebars and Heart Rate Control.

With dual handlebars you get two exercise machines in one with the Body Sculpture BE-6720G Elliptical, use the fixed handlebars and you have a step machine for working the lower body to strengthen and tone legs, thighs, buttocks, hips, and calves and with the moving handlebars you have upper body exercise of the arms and shoulders as well as the lower body.
Body Sculpture BE-6720G Elliptical, Dual Handlebars.

Dual Handlebars, Heart Rate Control.

In the handlebars you pulse monitor that monitors your pulse and can display your pulse rate on the elliptical trainers screen, pulse sensors in the handle bars measure your pulse and can calculate your heart rate from your pulse.

Using the pulse information heart rate control exercises built into the exercise computer can automatically adjust how hard it is to move the paddles making it harder to move the paddles when your heart rate indicates that you should be working harder and making it easier to move the paddles when your heart rate indicates you should be working less hard, by constantly monitoring your heart rate and adjusting the level of effort required your heart rate can be controlled and you can remain safe whilst your exercise.

You can set the maximum heart rate to be a specific heart rate number of you can set the heart rate to be for example 55% of your maximum heart rate meaning the highest heart rate that the elliptical trainer records whilst you exercise will be used as the maximum heart rate and just over half that maximum heart rate will be used as a maximum for your exercise so the elliptical trainer will make it easier or harder to exercise to maintain a 55% maximum, the advantage of telling the elliptical trainer to use a percentage of your maximum heart rate rather than entering a specific heart rate value into the exercise computer is that you might not know what a safe maximum heart rate value is and with a percentage you can let the exercise machine work it out for you.
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