Body Sculpture BE-6710G Elliptical.

Body Sculpture BE-6710G Elliptical with 18 Exercise Programmes and Heart Rate Control.

If you want to get fit and lose weight or build your strength up after injury or rehabilitation then your want some home exercise equipment that can help you but your need equipment that can act as your personal trainer and medical advisor at the same time telling you what's safe to do and what not to do and when to speed up and when to slow down that's exactly what the Body Sculpture BE-6710G Elliptical Trainer does.
Body Sculpture BE-6710G Elliptical, 18 Exercise Programmes.

18 Exercise Programmes, Heart Rate Control.

You don't need any complicated or messy measuring equipment with wires everywhere or chest straps or earlobe pulsed sensors as the Body Sculpture elliptical trainer has a pulse measuring computer built into the handgrips of the elliptical trainer, hold the hand grips and the pulse in your hand is measured and your heart rate calculated the heart rate is then displayed on the display screen that's mounted between the handlebars and the heart rate measurement is used to control; the elliptical trainer.

As your measured heart rate changes sop does the settings of the elliptical trainer increasing or reducing the resistance on the paddles making it easier or more difficult to move the paddles with your feet whilst the elliptical trainer automatically reads your heart rate and makes any adjustments required making the exercise easier or harder depending on your heart rates current reading.

Having the elliptical trainer choose the settings for you means that the exercise programme is optimised to you individually your not trying to compete with the fittest sportsmen you're trying to compete with yourself and your abilities and your fitness level your pushing yourself to do better.

You can choose between various different exercise programmes either standard programmes that are not controlled by your heart rate and help you achieve goals like losing weight, shaping and toning, strength training etc and heart rate control programmes that will automatically change the settings for you.
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