Body Sculpture BE-6650GX-HB Elliptical Trainer.

Body Sculpture BE-6650GX-HB Elliptical Trainer, Quality Design with Advanced Technology.

For a well made quality design look no further than the Body Sculpture BE-6650GX-HB Elliptical Trainer which has been expertly manufactured by Body Sculpture not only does the elliptical trainer look good in black and shiny silver but the quality of the elliptical trainer ensures that it will last for years.
Body Sculpture BE-6650GX-HB Elliptical Trainer, Quality Design.

Quality Design, Advanced Technology.

Elliptical trainers offer a low impact cardiovascular workout which is perfect for anyone who wants to lose some weight, get back into shape, build and tone muscle or just keep themselves trim, elliptical trainers exercise both the arms and the legs at the same time so they are one of the best forms of cardiovascular workout.

The whole elliptical trainer is electronic with the resistance levels controlled by electronic up and down buttons there are no dials or knobs to turn everything is controlled from a touch screen button on the control pad which is directly below the digital display and mounted between the handlebars.

Adjust the buttons up or down to control how hard it is to move the elliptical trainer paddles and your adjusting the magnetic resistance control system, magnetic resistance is used because its an electronic system and not based on friction and because of this there are few moving parts so the elliptical trainer is less likely to break down and operation is also quieter so you can use the elliptical trainer at home even when people are sleeping or when you don't want to disturb other member of the household or the neighbours.

With large foot plates your find plenty of room for your feet regardless of size and with free delivery and a one year warranty you can be assured of Body Sculptures quality products.

A heart rate control exercise system is included whereby the elliptical trainer can measure your hand pulse rate, calculate your heart rate and allow you to specify a maximum heart rate which the elliptical trainer must not let you exceed whilst your exercising.
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