Body Sculpture BE-5510GE Programmable Magnetic Elliptical.

Body Sculpture BE-5510GE Programmable Magnetic Elliptical with Graphical Bar Display, Body Fat and Hand Pulse.

With an elliptical trainer its nice to see the exercise programme you have selected displayed graphically so you can see the next stage of your exercise whether the exercise gets easier or harder and whether there are any pauses for rest breaks and all in real time with a moving graphical bar chart that shows your position along the exercise programme and that's exactly what you get with the BE-5510GE from Body Sculpture.
Body Sculpture BE-5510GE Programmable Magnetic Elliptical, Graphical Bar Display.

Graphical Bar Display, Body Fat, Hand Pulse.

As well as a very user friendly display you also get a range of sensors built into the elliptical trainer like the body fat monitor, here resistance sensors in the handlebars measure the resistance across both hands and use this resistance reading to calculate your body fat displayed as BMI Body Mass Index, you can use the body fat measurement every so often to see how your exercise regime is going and whether your getting thinner and losing any fat its much nicer to have it confirmed by the body mass reading that your starting to slim down than wonder if your looking thinner.

Also built into the display is a calorie counter that counts how many calories you have burned whilst you have been crosstraining the harder you exercise the higher the resistance levels you use on the elliptical trainer the more calories your burn and your start to lose weight.

Start with a resistance level that your comfortable with and a level that will allow you to complete the exercise programme you have selected for yourself, say fifteen minutes of exercise at a specific level of resistance, too high a resistance level and your never reach the goal you have set yourself and too easier a resistance level and your not have the benefit of a proper exercise.
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