Body Sculpture BC-7200GHKG Exercise Bike.

Body Sculpture BC-7200GHKG Exercise Bike with Colour LCD Screen and Heart Rate Measurement.

This Body Sculpture Exercise Bike is like having your own personal trainer encouraging you and monitoring your response to exercise and adjusting the exercise bike accordingly and the exercise bike does this by monitoring your heart rate but no heart rate chest straps or earlobe pulse sensors are needed in fac t nothing extra is needed.
Body Sculpture BC-7200GHKG Exercise Bike, Colour LCD Screen.

Colour LCD Screen, Heart Rate Measurement.

Your heart rate is monitored or rather calculated by measuring the pulse in your hands, as you hold the exercise bike handlebars your pulse is measured by a sensor embedded into the handlebars and this is used to calculate your heart rate from your pulse in the same way that your doctor would take your pulse to calculate your heart rate.

Once the exercise bike knows your heart then the resistance on the pedals (how hard it is to push the pedals down) can be automatically controlled by the exercise bike, when the exercise bike wants your heart rate to rise the pedals will become harder to turn causing you to work harder and your heart rate to rise and when the exercise bike wants your hear rate to fall the pedals will be made easier to turn.

This process of measuring your heart rate and adjusting the resistance of the pedals is called heart rate control, control the stiffness of the pedals and you control how much effort the user must make to move the pedals round which will increase or reduce their heart rate depending on the level of the resistance.

Exercise programmes built into the computer display can be selected to create different training scenarios from fun cycle rides to tone and firm your legs to cardiovascular activity to fast cycle rides and much more and with the exercise bike always watching your hearty rate your always stay safe and get the most effective exercise for your ability.
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