Big Air Universal Rectangular 7ft x 10ft Trampoline With Enclosure.

Big Air Universal Rectangular 7ft x 10ft Trampoline With Enclosure the Sports Trampoline for Outdoors.

Looking for an outdoor trampoline then the Big Air Universal Rectangular 7ft x 10ft Trampoline might be what your looking for as its a sports trampoline designed to give the maximum bounce of any trampoline and the reason that's possible is due to the rectangular shape which holds the trampoline mat rigid and prevents roll together where two or more trampolines are jumping together and they roll towards each other and fall over because the trampoline surface is not held tight enough to prevent one persons bouncing impacting the other trampolinists.
Big Air Universal Rectangular 7ft x 10ft Trampoline With Enclosure, Sports Trampoline.

Sports Trampoline, Outdoors.

With this Big Air rectangular trampoline there's is no roll together and the high jumps possible make this a great sports trampoline for those wanting to practice gymnastics in the garden or just bounce high, if you have watched trampolinists on the TV your notice that they all use a rectangular trampoline and not the garden round trampolines and that's because only rectangular trampolines have a truly high jump whilst round trampolines only offer very small bounces.

Big Air have produced an outdoor rectangular trampoline at a discounted price whilst no other trampoline manufacture has such a vast range of rectangular trampolines and because of the square share rectangular trampolines fit better into most peoples back gardens than round trampolines.

The trampoline mat is secured to the springs by ten rows of perimeter stitching so the springs don't pull away from the trampoline mat over time like your often see on other trampoline brands that don't use as many rows of stitching on their trampoline mats.

Safety padding and safety foam is used on all exposed metal areas of the trampoline including the safety enclosure poles and to cover the springs with a UV (Ultra Violet) light proof safety padding that won't crack, split or fade in bright sunlight.
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