Big Air Universal Octagonal 12ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

Big Air Universal Octagonal 12ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure with Modern Design and Increased Spring Reactions.

Looking for a modern design of trampoline then buy the Big Air Universal Octagonal 12ft Trampoline which is designed for both adults and children and has a space saving design that means it fits into most gardens and special larger helical springs which have an increased reaction for lighter children will still offering good bounce to adults.
Big Air Universal Octagonal 12ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Modern Design.

Modern Design, Increased Spring Reactions.

The trampoline is supplied with all the assembly tools you need so you won't need any of your own tools and the trampoline is delivered free of charge by courier in a standard size box that won't cause you any problems storing in your home until your ready to assemble the trampoline and small enough that the courier can leave the box with your neighbours if your out when they call.

There's a five year warranty with the trampoline too so if you have a warranty claim your get a free repair of free trampoline.

The large jump mat is made from Permatron which is highly elastic without over stretching Permatron is a synthetic rubber that's water resistant, sunlight UV resistant and won't rot or crack so you can leave the whole trampoline outside throughout the winter every year, the frame and springs of the trampoline are rust proof too.

The large flat legs ensure your trampoline won't mark your lawn and you can even drag the trampoline across your lawn and it will slide easily as it sits on top of the grass and won't make muddy marks on your lawn as you move it and because its so easy top slide you can easily mow underneath the trampoline or move the trampoline to a different area of your garden if the grass is starting to wear due to children's feet coming on and off the trampoline all day.
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