Big Air Universal 15ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

Big Air Universal 15ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure the Childrens Large Garden Trampoline.

If you have a large garden your be wanting to buy a large trampoline for the children and at 15 feet nothing comes much larger than the Big Air Universal 15ft Trampoline this trampoline is supplied with a safety enclosure which is a netting wall that extends round the edge of the trampoline and prevents anyone from falling out, there's a door in the safety enclosure which can be fastened with a toggle that lets children on or off the trampoline.
Big Air Universal 15ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Childrens.

Childrens, Large Garden.

The trampoline exposed metal surfaces have protection foam padding which has been designed not to crack and to be resistant to both rain and sunlight (UV damage) the legs of the trampoline are galvanised steel which is a coating on the steel that looks superb with a bright silver coating and which makes the frame resistant to rust.

The trampoline comes with free delivery and a free five year warranty as well as all the tools you need to assemble the trampoline in your garden whilst you won't need many tools are the tools you do need are included with the trampoline and clear English instructions with diagrams are provided to help you assemble the trampoline.

Assembly should take one hour and its advised that two people assemble the trampoline one to hold and one to fix the parts but one person can assemble the trampoline by themselves if need be.

With a maximum user weight of 24 stone everyone in the family can use this trampoline from the children through to the adults and all will enjoy the large bounce that you get bouncing on such a big trampoline.

Eighty four large helical springs are used to give the highest bounce with the increased size of the spring being more responsive to a wider range or should that be weight of users as youngsters will need a trampoline spring that gives a high bounce without too much compression of the spring and adults will need a trampoline spring that won't over compress with the increased weight.
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