Big Air Universal 14ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

Big Air Universal 14ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure the Family Trampoline that's Suitable For Children and Adults of All Weight Ranges.

The Big Air Universal 14ft Trampoline is a family trampoline that can be used by everyone young or old regardless of their weight as the trampoline supports all weights up to twenty four stone in weight so the whole family can use the trampoline making a great no cost family interest that the whole family can do anytime.
Big Air Universal 14ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Family Trampoline.

Family Trampoline, Suitable For Children, Adults, All Weight Ranges.

Trampolines are great in the garden as the children can play inside either bouncing or making houses or just chatting whilst the parents can easily watch the children playing in safety from inside the house and when the children are playing on the trampoline you know exactly where they are.

If your garden is a bit boring for children then a trampoline comes highly recommended grandparents often buy a trampoline for their garden so when the grandchildren come to stay they can play on the trampoline as they are lots of fun and its great to watch your grandchildren jumping up and down and having fun.

Trampolines are easy to assemble as they come with all the tools you need in the box and your trampoline is delivered free of charge so theirs no more to pay and with the five year warranty you have great peace of mind the assembly instructions are well written in English and have many illustrations to show you exactly how the trampoline fits together.

Whilst it's recommended that two people assemble the trampoline so one person can fix the parts together whilst the other person holds the parts to be joined but one person alone can assemble this trampoline if required.

Ninety six springs give this trampoline is bounce and coupled with the trampoline mat which is made of a synthetic rubber called Permatron you get a very high bounce that children love.
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