Big Air Universal 14ft Trampoline.

Big Air Universal 14ft Trampoline with No Enclosure the Open Trampoline.

With the Big Air Universal 14ft Trampoline you have an adult friendly trampoline that does not have the side enclosure that you find on kids trampolines so you can jump on and off this trampoline with ease.
Big Air Universal 14ft Trampoline, No Enclosure.

No Enclosure, Open Trampoline.

The trampoline is large with a 14 foot diameter that's uninterrupted by any fences or metalwork the trampoline is simple to use just jump on and start bouncing and simple to assemble because there's no side enclosure assembly is very quick just add the springs to the bounce mat add the bounce mat to the frame and add the legs, the trampoline comes with full assembly instructions and all the tools you need to assemble the trampoline yourself at home.

The Big Air Universal 14ft Trampoline is supplied flat packed for home assembly and the trampoline box is small enough that the courier can leave the box with the neighbours if your out when they try to deliver, delivery is free too and this trampoline has been heavily discounted price you get a free five year warranty.

You can leave this Big Air trampoline outside all year round as the trampoline is weatherproof so your only ever be assembling the trampoline once and that's when you buy it after that you can leave the trampoline in your garden year in and year out.

The trampoline mat is made from a material called Permatron which has a very high bounce without overstretching and is waterproof and weatherproof with sunlight and frost not causing the rubber to crack or discolour.

The trampoline is supplied with safety padding on the edge of the trampoline where the pads cover up the frame and springs the safety pads are flexible polyurethane closed cell padding that won't crack with sunlight or discolour and won't crack if you bend the pads either.

There's 96 springs on this trampoline that coupled with the bounce mat create the bounce that you get and with a maximum weight of 24 stone everyone can bounce on the trampoline without worrying that they might be too heavy.
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