Big Air Universal 12ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

Big Air Universal 12ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Parent Friendly with 24 Stone Weight Limit.

If you want to bounce on the trampoline with your kids your need a trampoline that can support and adults weight like the Big Air Universal 12ft Trampoline which will support an adult with a weight of up to 24 stone.
Big Air Universal 12ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Parent Friendly.

Parent Friendly, 24 Stone Weight Limit.

Both children and adults can bounce high on this 12ft trampoline as the larger than normal helical springs offer good compression and therefore bounce to lighter weight children whilst no over compressing for heavier adults who will get the same bounce as the children.

The trampoline is safe too as it comes with a safety enclosure which is a fence that fits around the outside of the trampoline and prevents anyone from falling off the fenced is made from a soft yet very strong netting and supported by fence poles which have safety foam on them to prevent injury.

Ideal for children's birthday parties the safety fence has a door into and out of the trampoline during a party is ideal to use the door as a way to control which children can go on the trampoline and which must wait their turn as you only need to stand next to the one entry and exit to control the children.

The trampoline can be left outside all year round and every year as the frame is rust resistant and all the plastics and foams used are resistant to rain, sunlight damage and deteriorating over time.

Assembly instructions are provided and all the tools you need to assemble your trampoline are included too and delivery is free so there are no extras to pay and the price has been heavily discounted too.

The large flat legs fold over creating a flat area that won't sink into your lawn and is ideal for wet lawns, lawns with a lot of moss or weeds as the legs won't penetrate the lawn but inside spread the weight of the trampoline out over a larger area which is why you can also put the trampoline in a sand pit area as the legs will sit on top of the sand without sinking through.
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