Big Air Universal 10ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

Big Air Universal 10ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure the Safe Trampoline with GS, TUV Quality Standard.

When you're looking to a safe trampoline make sure you buy one that has GS, TUV certification as this ensures the manufacturer has a quality system in place and regularly monitors the quality of the trampolines manufactured so any defects will be quickly found and resolved and the GS, TUV quality standards are European quality standards which provide an extra level of trust to trampoline buyers.
Big Air Universal 10ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Safe Trampoline.

Safe Trampoline, GS, TUV Quality Standard.

This 10ft trampoline comes with a safety enclosure the enclosure completely surrounds the trampoline and stops anyone falling off even by accident of by trying to jump off.

The safety enclosure poles are covered in safety foam to prevent injury and the outside edge of the trampoline frame under which are the springs is covered with closed cell flexibly foam padding which is weather resistant and won't crack or fade.

The trampoline springs are tuned for a child or teenagers weight up to a maximum of 24 stone so adults can bounce too as the springs are able to give a good bounce for all weight ranges thanks to the larger diameter helical springs which have been used.

You can leave the whole trampoline outside in the wind. rain and even snow all year round as the trampoline has been designed to be weatherproof with a trampoline mat, safety enclosure and safety padding that's resistant to water damage, cracking and fading from sunlight and rust and rot in fact the trampoline frame has an impressive five year warranty against rusting and has been galvanised to prevent rust and the high bounce springs have been zinc coated to prevent rust as well.

Delivery is free and a courier will deliver your trampoline to you at your home or work and the box the flat packed trampoline is supplied in is small enough to be left with the neighbours if you're out when the courier calls.
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