Big Air Junior 14ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

Big Air Junior 14ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure the Large Garden Trampoline for Children and Adults.

Looking for a large garden trampoline then the Big Air Junior 14ft Trampoline is an ideal choice with springs that are suitable for both children and adults to bounce and a 19 stone maximum user weight the whole family can enjoy jumping on the trampoline regardless of weight.
Big Air Junior 14ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Large Garden Trampoline.

Large Garden Trampoline, Children, Adults.

With the strong galvanised steel frame and zinc plated springs you have a trampoline that won't rust and will last for many years and the five year warranty ensures that if you have any problems your get a free repair or free replacement.

The springs are designed to give the maximum bounce for children and lighter weight users whilst heavier weight adults can still use the trampoline in complete safety they will find that the springs are optimised to give the children the higher bounce and that's how it should be with the children enjoying the trampoline and mum and dad still being able to bounce with the children for fun.

The bounce mat that works in conjunction with the springs to give a good bounce is made from a synthetic rubber that's highly elastic but does not overstretch called Permatron this synthetic rubber is also resistant to damage by water, sunlight and ageing.

To prevent anyone falling off the trampoline as safety enclosure is used this prevents anyone from falling out of the trampoline and is ideal for use at children's parties when you want to control the number of children climbing onto the trampoline as a door in the safety enclosure made of the same netting material as the enclosure provides the only way on or off the trampoline and therefore allows you to control entering limiting the number of children who can go on the trampoline at any one time.

You only need a couple of tools for assembly and they are provided in the box with the trampoline which is delivered free of charge by courier so there's no more to pay.
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